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About Us how it began..

I began my brand in 2017 I am the creator behind Grim Reapers Glamour in which I sell handmade bags & accessories  

being a digital artist I started making my own fabric for my shop so my customers are able to collect original pieces. Since In the past I bought way too much fabric from my manufacturer I started reselling the leftover in destashes which led to a lot of interest 

on seeing more designs. 

why isn't this design in your shop?

Some designs will NEVER be offered in my fabric shop that I have in my other shop  

this is to keep things original for my customers who collect my handmade work and expect items they cannot get elsewhere. 

Be sure to choose (FABRIC SHIPPING) at checkout

Since this is two different shops on one website I needed to have two shipping options since fabric is more than likely to weigh more. If you choose the wrong shipping option you will be invoiced for the difference. By chance if you are buying something from BOTH shops choose any option and I will invoice you the difference of shipping owed.

By purchasing from our shop we expect that you have read all the info above

since 2017


 Proudly handmade items from New Jersey USA